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T U M B L R + L A Y O U T + P R O F I L E
In this journal you will find thoughts and random ramblings of an 18 year old Finnish female. Proceed at your own risk.

Locked only because I like to know who's reading. Just drop me a comment and I'll add you right away.

Oh, if you're into any of these things listed below, you should know that I like you already.

History (especially the French revolution & art history)| H.P. Lovecraft
| Shakespeare | Les Misérables | House of Leaves | traveling | comic books
| abandoned buildings | circuses | lighthouses |

Interests (118):

1789-1794, 1830, 1984, a clockwork orange, abandoned buildings, adventure time, aino kallas, american gods, american psycho, ankh-morpork, art, augustin robespierre, beethoven, biking, blackadder, books, camille desmoulins, cesare, charles dickens, charlotte brontë, chopin, chuck palahniuk, circuses, classical music, coffee, comics, coraline, creepypasta, cthulhu, discworld, douglas adams, edgar allan poe, emily brontë, enjolras, evil dead, franz kafka, french, french revolution, fritz lang, game of thrones, george orwell, german expressionism, good omens, grantaire, greek mythology, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hamlet, history, homoeroticism, horatio hornblower, horror movies, jacques-louis david, jane eyre, john keats, king arthur, latin, les misérables, lighthouses, louis-antoine saint-just, lovecraft, marble hornets, mary shelley, masky, maximilien robespierre, minna canth, misfits, monster, montparnasse, mordred, mozart, music, naoki urasawa, neil gaiman, night watch, norse mythology, ocean, old b&w movies, old hollywood, oliver twist, opera, percy shelley, phantom of the opera, philippe le bas, quentin tarantino, rant, reading, robespierre, romantic poets, saint-just, saint-just/robespierre, salmiakki, sea, shakespeare, silent films, slash, slender man, slenderman, soviet kitsch, sparta, superjail!, supernatural, tampere, terry pratchett, the beatles, the enlightenment, the french revolution, the moomins, tim burton, tove jansson, traveling, umberto eco, victor hugo, victorian era, vivaldi, watchmen, wuthering heights, ♬ ♪ ♩ ♫
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